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Meáin of Aran

Bíonn earraí maithe i mbeairtíní beaga
Good wares come in small parcels

Newly launched in December 2020, Meáin of Aran aspires to be innovative online gifting store based on Inis Meáin, the middle island of the Aran Islands. An extension of our long established family retail business - Siopa Ruaidhrí Beag, our aim at Meáin of Aran is to give the customer something special by selecting quality local and West of Ireland products in clothing, books, jewellery and arts & crafts.

All items and collections are specifically designed or sourced in line with current key trends whilst attentively listening to and observing the needs and wants of our customers. We are committed to offering a fast, secure and excellent customer service experience.

Over time, Meáin of Aran will further aspire to creating a portfolio dedicated to excellence and value for money ranging from themed lifestyle collections to timeless art and island mementoes lovingly created by local crafters.

Meáin of Aran is 100% Irish owned and operated on Inis Meáin on the Aran Islands.  Its central storehouse, dispatch centre and online store are all operated from our retail store on the island.

Our Retail Store

Meáin of Aran will continue to build on a proud reputation of successfully offering visitors to Inis Meáin gifts and souvenirs synonymous with the Aran Islands. An on-site post office, allows for a mail order experience of same day dispatch that enables our island business to quickly and efficiently compete and deliver in the world of online mail order.

So if you are looking for something for someone special or a personal treat you'll be spoilt for choice in-store or online.


Is maith an rud beagán den rud maith
A little of a good thing is good

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